Daily Prompt: Ostentatious


Ostentatious : Designed to impress. Sounds like a commercial doesn’t it?
You know what the  annoying thing about commercials is apart from their showy display or pretentious reviews , is the fact that they are everywhere.
Instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube are loaded with self promotions and advertisements. So? you may not have realised it yet but you are a commercial too.
Promoting and maintaining our image has never been easier with the right filter, hashtags, captions, shares and likes. Whatever may be your brand tagline “The perfect life”, “Goals”, “Seems to have it all”,”Follow me and boost my self esteem” or “I am just better than everyone else” you can market the hell out of it and people will buy it too.
Self approval just got a whole new rating scale and the audience is the internet. The price for this ostentatious behaviour is people currency. Getting clicked with the right people,
Forming associates with brand promoting groups, Being mentioned by people who matter it all forms a web where people are being exchanged not for true friendships but because it may make it look like you’re the next big thing.
While it may not necessarily be a bad thing it might help you build the life you wanted or look the part you’ve always wanted to play .. there is no denying the fact that is it is just for the sake of keeping up appearances and there is no need for us to get sucked into believing that all that hype on the internet is true. Be the smart audience  and discard the junk news .cheers.

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