College backpacks lustlist

So many bags so little money , here is a guide to help you pick your perfect bags for college

Style no:1

  1. Printed backpacks:

Printed backpacks are huge right now you can select from emoji prints, floral,food item prints etc.

You can also find bags with  more basic print’s like polka-dots, cute geometric patterns: triangles,squares, or stripes or tribal prints.

2. Backpacks with laces:

Backpacks with laces are pure classy. Pick up lace designs as per your preferred color choice(ps. pastels and denim are a hit right now).

3. Metallic elements and metallic shades

Metallic elements like studs and chains give your backpack an extra edginess.

Pick up metallic shaded bags or holographic bags with hint of shiny (image:see right bottom) for that grunge look.

4. One picture print


A single picture which covers your entire bag. Now that’s one way to grab attention.

Bonus tip: There are bags out there that with printed comic scripts and movie dialogues..Go fish.

5. Winter anyone?


Embrace the warmth of your fur and quilt blankets now in your backpacks.

Quick tip: While choosing quilted backpacks (image:right), you can also choose backpacks with quilts of different shapes like hearts ,or circles.

6. Character bags

Pick up one of these fun character bags, The bags may have a hint of character like mickey mouse here (image:see left) ,or the entire panda (image: see right top) .

7. Minimalist statement bags


A solid colored bag with a chic remark (image: top left)or a simple quote (image: top right) or just simply a designer label.

8. Dope patches/labels bag:

Check out these dope designs for channeling the hipster in you.

That’s it for now . Let me know your favourite design in the comment section below.

check out part 2 of  college lust-list series :

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these pics , they have  just been used for the purpose of  inspirational reference.



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